Offer Letter from University in Malaysia

About the Offer Letter

Getting offer letter become a difficult task nowadays because of the huge number of universities in Malaysia. The first question come to mind which university offer the course that we looking for. Once we get the list of the universities that offer the desired program, we start questioning ourselves. What is the ranking of the university. How is the cost of the study and is it suitable with our budgets. Does the university has accommodation, if not where i will stay. What about the cost of the living in the country we wish to continue our study in.

Answering all these questions are not easy as we think but it needs to go through all these universities and find out the answers. Unfortunately, not all the universities have easy read website and information. This required us to contact all the people we know to find the answers. In this article we will try to explain what is the university offer letter and what you should do to get in.

Things to do before looking for university offer letter

There are many question you should ask yourself before applying to any university

  • Decide what course you are going to study
  • Try to find as much as possible the universities offer the course you want to study
  • Compare the option based in cost and quality
  • Talk with your trusted friends and ask your family about your choice
  • Read the university requirements carefully
  • You should check the English requirements for the university. What either you can study English in the university or should get professional certificates
  • Read about the country you wish to study in
  • Read about the culture and the services provided in the campus and off-campus
  • Read about the subjects you will study through the degree years
  • The most important thing is to finish your high school with great grades


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